Magewell Pro Capture DVI


Magewell Part Number: 11030 One channel HD Capture Card

  • DVI + audio
  • VGA + audio
  • Component + audio
  • HDMI + embedded audio + analog audio


Magewell Pro Capture DVI is an ideal solution for applications that require the capture of HD or sources in real time. Typical applications include: Viewing HDMI or Analog sources from PCs, MACs, Industrial/medical equipment, cameras, game consoles and other video equipment. Also includes Streaming video or Broadcasting applications. Video capture from DVI+ audio, VGA + audio, Component + audio or HDMI + embedded audio.
Magewell Pro Capture DVI HD Capture Card (One Channel)  is a low-profile PCIe 2.0 x1 card. Allows for capturing a single channel of DVI + audio, VGA + audio, Component + audio, or HDMI + embedded audio via the DVI input, 1/8″ analog audio input, and supplied breakout cables. The card supports various color sampling modes, color depths, color formats, up to 8 audio channels at 48 kHz (HDMI only). Output resolutions up to 2048 x 2048 with frame rates up to 120 fps. The pro capture DVI is also capable of numerous video processing features, including cropping, scaling, de-interleaving, aspect ratio conversion, color format conversion, video frame rate conversion, and video OSD composition.
Magewell Pro Capture DVI
Magewell Pro Capture  DVI supports multiple cards per system. Unlimited output streams for any one input channel. Independent adjustable parameters per stream. Additional features include ultra-low latency, timestamp and A/V synchronization. LED status indicators. The card supports both Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. Multiple APIs for Windows and Linux. With Windows SDKs for easier integration.
InterfaceVideo EngineSignal Detection & SupportSoftware Environment
Input Interface
• DVI x1
• 3.5 mm audio jack x1
• Support input resolution up to 2048×2160 pixels

Host Interface
• PCIe Gen2 x1
10-bit video processing



Color Adjustment

Hardware Timestamp

Color Space Conversion

Up/down Conversion

Aspect Ratio Conversion


SG-DMA Transmission mode
Auto Detection of Input Signal Format


Time Code
• Windows, Linux, Mac

Driver and Firmware
• Universal Driver, Updatable Firmware

Included Software
• Pro Capture Utility, Capture Express

Compatible Software