Magewell Ultra Encode Range


These encoders are designed to support various encoding formats and delivery protocols, making them ideal for live streaming and remote contribution to IP-based production and AV-over-IP. With the Ultra Encode range, Magewell aims to provide users with versatile and high-quality encoding solutions for their streaming and production needs

ultra encode sdi, hdmi, AIO and director mini

ultra encode hdmi

Ultra Encode HDMI

ultra encode sdi

Ultra Encode SDI

ultra encode aio

Ultra Encode AIO

magewell director mini

Director Mini

Key Features and Capabilities

The Ultra Encode line offers a range of features and capabilities that make it a powerful tool for live streaming and IP-based production. These include:

1. Video Compression

The Ultra Encode encoders support both H.264 and H.265 (HEVC) video compression, ensuring efficient and high-quality video encoding for live streaming delivery. This allows users to stream their content with excellent video quality while minimizing bandwidth usage.

2. Streaming Protocols

Magewell’s Ultra Encode units support various streaming protocols, including RTMP, RTMPS, RTSP, RTP, HLS, and SRT. These protocols enable seamless streaming to popular platforms such as YouTube Live, Facebook Live, and Twitch. Users can also stream to custom targets, giving them the flexibility to reach their desired audience.

powerful tool for live streaming and IP-based production

3. Simultaneous Streaming

With the Ultra Encode encoders, users can simultaneously stream to multiple destinations with independent encoding parameters. This feature is supported by select protocols, allowing content creators to reach a wider audience across different platforms without compromising on quality.

4. NDI|HX Support

The Ultra Encode units are compatible with NewTek’s second-generation NDI|HX, a widely adopted protocol for IP production workflows and AV-over-IP signal distribution. This integration enables seamless integration with NDI|HX-enabled devices and systems, facilitating efficient and flexible IP-based production workflows.

ultra encode aio

A powerful device that takes live streaming capabilities to a whole new level. With advanced features and expanded functionalities, the Ultra Encode AIO is ideal for a wide range of use cases including sports, education, live events, IP-based production, and AV-over-IP.

5. Wireless Transmission

The Ultra Encode encoders come with built-in Wi-Fi support, allowing for wireless transmission of NDI|HX signals. This wireless capability enhances the flexibility and convenience of using the Ultra Encode encoders in various production environments.

6. Pro Convert Decoder Integration

The Ultra Encode units can be combined with Magewell’s Pro Convert decoders, which support both NDI|HX and streaming formats. This integration enables live media transport in either NDI|HX or streaming formats, providing users with versatile options for distributing and delivering their content.

7. Input and Loop-through Interfaces

Magewell offers two initial models in the Ultra Encode line: the Ultra Encode HDMI and Ultra Encode SDI. The Ultra Encode HDMI model features an HDMI 1.4a input and loop-through interface, while the Ultra Encode SDI model offers a 3G-SDI input and loop-through interface. These interfaces allow users to connect their video sources seamlessly to the encoders.

8. High-Quality Encoding

Both the Ultra Encode HDMI and Ultra Encode SDI models can encode and stream content up to 1080p60 at bitrates of up to 16Mbps. The Ultra Encode HDMI model also supports 4K HDMI inputs, automatically down-converting them to HD. This ensures that users can capture and stream their content with exceptional visual quality.

9. Audio Support

The Ultra Encode units provide comprehensive audio support, with embedded audio complemented by analog, line-level audio input and output connections. This allows users to capture and stream high-quality audio along with their video content.

10. Configuration and Control

The Ultra Encode encoders can be easily configured and controlled through a browser-based web interface. Additionally, users have the option to programmatically control the encoders via HTTP-based APIs, providing flexibility for integration into existing workflows and systems.


Live H.264/H.265 streaming. Supports streaming protocols including SRT, NDI®|HX, HLS & more. Suitable for various network environment.

Magewell Director Mini

A portable device that does multi-input switching, graphics, streaming, recording and monitoring Supports flexible input sources ranging from AV and IP streams to media files Intuitive user interface and companion app for scene editing and creating shows Rich output possibilities including RTMP and SRT streams, NDI® HX3 and local displays

Ultra Encode line of universal media encoders, Magewell offers content creators and production professionals a versatile and powerful solution for live streaming and IP-based production. These encoders support multiple encoding formats and delivery protocols, ensuring high-quality and efficient video streaming. With features such as simultaneous streaming, NDI|HX support, and wireless transmission, the Ultra Encode range provides users with the flexibility and capabilities they need to create and deliver compelling video content. Whether for live streaming to popular platforms or for IP-based production workflows, the Ultra Encode encoders from Magewell are a valuable addition to any video production setup.

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