Magewell USB Capture HDMI Plus


Magewell Part Number: 32040 One channel 2K Capture Device

  • Capture HDMI + embedded audio
  • Loop-through HDMI signal
  • Audio input via mic
  • Extract HDMI embedded audio output via headphones
  • Support 4Kp60 4:2:0 input. Capture from the newest game consoles such as PS4 Pro and XBOX One S.


With a HDMI 1.4 interface, the USB Capture HDMI Plus can capture signal from PS4, Xbox One, graphics cards, HD cameras (professional/sports/surveillance/video conference) and other devices. Max input resolution and frame rate is 4960 x2160p60 (4:2:0). It automatically down scale the video to 1080p60 for recording and streaming. Different audio input and output functions have also been added to the devices. The MagewellUSB Capture HDMI Plus model captures video up to 1920×1200, 1920×1080 or 2048×1080 at 60 fps over an HDMI interface. It also supports 4K HDMI inputs at 60fps with 4:2:0 color subsampling, or at 30fps for 4:4:4, down-converting them automatically to HD for capture and recording. Magewell USB Capture HDMI Plus Compared to Magewell’s original USB dongles with just an HDMI or SDI input, the USB Capture HDMI Plus and SDI Plus have an input interface as well as a loop through one, which enables monitoring the image while streaming and/or recording. In addition, the new dongles have different audio input and output functions. A 3.5mm audio interface allows for capture of analog audio from a separate audio device (not embedded in HDMI input). An analogue microphone input is available for live narration during capture. This eliminates the need for an additional audio capture device. The 3.5mm headphones interface allows for playback of audio (either extracted from the embedded HDMI audio or from the analog audio input).

How to capture the computer’s screen display using the Magewell USB Capture HDMI Plus and OBS – LINK

How to capture a 4Kp60 gameplay from the PS4 Pro using USB Capture HDMI Plus along with OBSLINK

How to Use USB Capture Utility to Set the Capture FormatLINK

InterfaceVideo EngineSignal Detection & SupportSoftware Environment
Input Interface
• HDMI x1
• Support input resolution up to 4096×2160 pixels

Loop-through Interface
• HDMI x1
• Support loop-through resolution up to 4096×2160 pixels

Audio Input Interface
• 3.5 mm audio jack for microphone

Audio Output Interface
• 3.5 mm audio jack for headphones

Host Interface
• USB 3.0
8-bit video processing



Color Adjustment

Color Space Conversion

Up/down Conversion

Aspect Ratio Conversion

Mirror and Flip
Auto Detection of Input Signal Format

• Windows, Linux, Mac, Chrome OS

Driver and Firmware
• Driver Free, Updatable Firmware

Included Software
• USB Capture Utility, Capture Express

Compatible Software