Magewell Pro Convert NDI Decoders

Pro Convert NDI encoders and decoders efficiently convert HDMI or SDI signals up to 4Kp60 to and from NewTek’s NDI technology for transport over standard local area networks and across multiple subnets. The Pro Convert family builds on NewTek’s NDI Embedded SDK to ensure compatibility with the growing ecosystem of NDI-enabled solutions, and transmits production-grade video and eight-channel audio with extremely low latency

Bridging Streams, Signals and Screens
Compatible with a wide variety of hardware and software encoders, Pro Convert decoders transform input streams up to 4096×2160 at 60fps for output to baseband monitors, projectors, hardware switchers and more. They are perfect for multi-site video distribution, video walls, image magnification (IMAG), digital signage, remote production and video surveillance.

Simple Access to Advanced Features
Users can easily manage Pro Convert decoders through a browser-based Web GUI, while additional control options including on-device menu buttons and USB keyboard/mouse are available even before connecting the devices to a network.

Integrated Output Optimization and Rich Audio
Pro Convert decoders offer built-in, high-quality video processing including up- and down-conversion to optimize the decoded output for the capabilities of the target display device. For audio, the decoders are compatible with multiple standards to meet the needs of users in different regions and support up to eight channels of embedded audio.

Other Features


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