Magewell Ultra Stream HDMI


Magewell Part Number: Please choose the device which meets your local power supply standard. 53010 US; 53012 EU; 53013 UK One-channel HD encoder

  • Record and stream 1 channel of HDMI + embedded audio
  • Loop-through HDMI + embedded audio



Easy to Use

• Stand-alone device; no computer needed

• Control via on-device buttons or intuitive Android/iPhone smartphone app

• LED indicators display status

Key Features
  • Single-Channel HD Streaming Encoder
  • Accepts HDMI Video Sources up to DCI 4K
  • HDMI Loop Output
  • Stream up to 1080p Resolution in MP4
The Magewell Ultra Stream HDMI is a single-channel HDMI streaming encoder can encode streams up to 1080p at 60 fps.
Excellent content delivery networks (CDNs) such as YouTube Live, Facebook Live, and Twitch, or custom RTMP servers. Simultaneously,
you can record the stream to your mobile device or a USB drive plugged into the front panel USB 2.0 port.

All the device controls are found in the mobile app for iOS and Android devices. Simple push-button controls to start and stop streaming
and recording are on the device itself.

The HDMI input can accept UHD and DCI 4K signals up to 60 fps. Therefore streaming from PCs or game consoles that support 4K output
does not require any other hardware. Use the HDMI loop output to view the unaffected input signal at its full resolution. The Ultra Stream HDMI
will downscale it appropriately for streaming and  /or recording. If you like to have live audio over your streams and recordings, use the 3.5mm input jack
to plug in a mic and the other 3.5mm jack to monitor on headphones.

Live Stream to Platforms of Your Choice

• Encode and stream at up to 1080p60

• Stream to YouTube, Twitch and Facebook Live with one click

• Stream to a custom RTMP serve

Record High-quality Video for Storage and Sharing

• Preview, record & stream simultaneously

• Record to MP4 files at up to 1080p60

• H.264 video encoding with AAC audio

• Save to mobile phone or to a connected USB flash


Different Formats for Streaming and Recording

• Set different resolutions, frame rates and bit rates for streaming and recording simultaneously.

Eg. 720p30 for streaming and 1080p60 for recording.

Support 4K Input & Loop-through

• Supports inputs up to 4096x2160p60 (4:2:0)

• Loop-through at 4K for displays

Add your Narration; Monitor your Audio

• Connect a microphone via analog audio input

• Monitor HDMI and microphone

Wired & Wireless

The Ultra Stream HDMI can be connected to the Internet via Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

One-click Firmware Update

• Check whether a newer firmware version is available.

• Click “update” to start the automatic firmware update

Magewell Ultra Stream Specifications – LINK