Magewell USB Capture SDI Gen 2 Dongle


Magewell Part Number: 32070 One channel HD Capture Dongle

Plug & Play no drivers required

  • SD/HD/3G/2K SDI + embedded audio
  • Capture and record/stream SDI signals up to 2048 x 1080 (2K) at 60 Hz
  • Compatible with software/web-applications on Mac, Windows, Linux, and Chrome OS


 Magewell USB Capture SDI Gen 2 Dongle. Plug & Play simply connect and capture, no drivers required, capture up to 1080p @60fps. USB Capture SDI USB3.0 Dongle, it is easy to carry, have a superior performance, superior compatibility, simple installation and many other features. It can capture one SDI 1080p60 input and output signal; compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and USB 2.0 interface, Compatible with many USB 3.0 chipset (Intel, Renesas, ASMedia, Fresco Logic), compatible with PCie Genl.l xl expansion via USB 3.0 interface; The SDI video capture meets UVC and UAC standard, without having to install drivers and settings, the real PnP, easy to use.Magewell USB Capture SDI Gen 2 Dongle

The Magewell USB Capture SDI is based on UVC (USB video class), UAC ( USB audio class ) STANDARD, without having to install drivers and settings.USB Capture SDI provides screen brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, and other options set by DirectShow “filters” dialogue box to set these options. Flexible & Friendly Features

      • Connect multiple dongles to one machine
      • Enable the up/down conversion of video resolution, frame rate and audio sampling rate
      • Support brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, and other screen adjustment functions
      • The HDMI video capture meets UVC standard, support YUV 4:2:2 (YUY2) or RGB 4:4:4 (RGB24) video output
      • The HDMI video capture meets UAC standard and 48KHz PCM stereo audio output
      • The video processing engine can be updated via firmware without changing the hardware.
      • Automatically detect and de-interlace signals

How to use OBS Studio to record and stream along with Magewell capture devicesLINK

How to Use USB Capture Utility to Set the Capture Format LINK

InterfaceVideo EngineSignal Detection & SupportSoftware Environment
Input Interface
• SD/HD/3G/2K SDI x1
• Support input resolution up to 2048×1080 pixels

Host Interface
• USB 3.0
8-bit video processing



Color Adjustment

Color Space Conversion

Up/down Conversion

Aspect Ratio Conversion

Mirror and Flip
Auto Detection of Input Signal Format
• Windows, Linux, Mac, Chrome OS

Driver and Firmware
• Driver Free, Updatable Firmware

Included Software
• USB Capture Utility, Capture Express

Compatible Software