Saturday, 08 August 2020 / Published in Blog
Facebook is obviously very popular with individual users around the world for its free social networking service. People can share updates and photos in their Facebook Timeline, engage with friends, and stay connected to communities important to them.  Enterprise users, however, are more likely to publish content to their business or brand Page on Facebook, where they can share
Saturday, 08 August 2020 / Published in Blog
The COVID-19 pandemic has led governments, enterprises and schools all over the world to take precautions such as home isolation and social distancing to ensure the safety of every individual. This has led to surging demand for virtual meetings and remote learning. Many people using web-based conferencing or collaboration software want to incorporate live HDMI
Friday, 07 August 2020 / Published in Blog
Powerful Features and New Model in Ultra Stream Encoder Family Features include browser-based remote control and optional mobile broadband support. New configuration expands benefits to users with SDI sources Ultra Stream encoders enable users to record or stream high-quality video with one click.  Using on-device buttons or an intuitive smartphone app. Customers can stream live to
Tuesday, 04 August 2020 / Published in Blog
Live streaming and or broadcasting has become much more powerful and easier in recent years.  The development of technology is now quite evident and is in our daily lives from Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitch along with RTMP Servers.  With a annual growth rate of more than 20%, it has become a key market for a
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Founder and manufacturer of video capturing devices, Magewell, is breaking boundaries in this expanding world of technology to empower its users with live streaming, encoding, broadcasting, video conferencing,  lecturing, medical imaging, security, machine vision, video system, gaming, artificial reality production and a lot more! Do You know? Where there is Magewell, there is high-quality video
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Capture cards- The great growling engine of change technology, has revolutionized the digital market. More and more people are now looking towards Capture Cards. And for now, we are here with the Magewell USB capture Plus devices that are going to help you a lot in this world of modern technology. In this time, Magewell
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Use better, Live better! Update your streamlines and be the part of the world where you can share every single memory of yours just with a single click! By now, you should just go and grab Magewell HDMI USB capture cards. Magewell USB Capture Devices are of top mark quality and amazingly user friendly. A
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Games such as “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” and other first-person shooting games have become popular all over the world in recent years. Many players pair monitors having at least 144Hz refresh rate with games that support 144fps or higher frame rate. This can help them achieve as close as possible to a “zero delay” experience in their
Monday, 13 July 2020 / Published in Blog
Portable video grabbers provide live captures through a USB connection to the PC or laptop. There are countless technical options for doing this, and comfort is in having the best USB video capture device. So, what does this mean for you? USB video capturing devices help you in capturing audio and video signals so you can