Magewell USB Capture DVI Plus


Magewell Part Number: 32080 One channel HD Capture Device

  • DVI + audio
  • VGA + audio
  • Component + audio
  • HDMI + embedded audio
  • Audio input via Line in
  • Extract HDMI embedded audio output via Line out


The most versatile model in the Plus series is the Magewell USB Capture DVI Plus. Captures DVI, VGA, HDMI, component and CVBS. It is definitely an ideal tool if you have classic video/gaming equipment such as a DVD player, PS3, Xbox 360, or if you need to capture from medical imaging equipment with various resolutions. Max input resolution is 2048×2160. It can deliver the captured video to the computer at up to 2048×1080 or 1920×1200. The Magewell USB Capture DVI Plus, can capture video up to 1200p60 through its DVI interface. Also has line-level, analogue audio input and output.The DVI model can also capture HDMI signals with embedded audio. Along with VGA or component analog video signals, with the use of simple adapters. Magewell USB Capture DVI Plus Functioning as a plug-and-play dongles. The interfaces have a driver-free design and automatic input detection. Possible to use desk top, laptop and other types of computers to capture professional video. Audio signals through a standard USB 3.0 interface. They support Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. Compatible with most of the commonly used streaming, encoding, live production, collaboration.  Usage in such areas as  video conferencing and lecture capture software.


How to use OBS Studio to record and stream along with Magewell capture devicesLINK

How to use OBS Studio to record and stream along with Magewell capture devicesLINK


InterfaceVideo EngineSignal Detection & SupportSoftware Environment
Input Interface
• DVI x1
• Support input resolution up to 2048×2160 pixels

Audio Input Interface
• 3.5 mm audio jack for Line In

Audio Output Interface
• 3.5 mm audio jack for Line Out

Host Interface
• USB 3.0
8-bit video processing



Color Adjustment

Color Space Conversion

Up/down Conversion

Aspect Ratio Conversion

Mirror and Flip
Auto Detection of Input Signal Format

• Windows, Linux, Mac, Chrome OS

Driver and Firmware
• Driver Free, Updatable Firmware

Included Software
• USB Capture Utility, Capture Express

Compatible Software