Streaming and Live Broadcasting Devices for Business or Personal Usage.

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Live streaming and or broadcasting has become much more powerful and easier in recent years.  The development of technology is now quite evident and is in our daily lives from Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitch along with RTMP Servers.  With a annual growth rate of more than 20%, it has become a key market for a number of devices offering a wide range of performance driven to third party compatible software solution for all types of video capture and streaming performance duties.


What is Streaming or Broadcasting (encoders)

Easy to Use

  • Stand-alone device; no computer required
  • Internet connectivity via wired Ethernet, Wi-Fi and optional 3G/4G modem support
  • Control via on-device buttons, intuitive smartphone App or browser-based interface
  • Available with HDMI or SDI input and loop-through


Flexible Video Recording to Files

  • Support H.264 or HEVC video encoding with AAC audio
  • Record and save clips to internal storage, a USB flash drive or the associated smartphone
  • Preview, record and stream video simultaneously
  • Record with two different encoding presets concurrently for different needs


Add Your Narration and Monitor Your Video Source

  • Add narration through the analog microphone input
  • Monitor the input signal through the analog headphone output



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