Advanced Dedicated IP Streaming Decoding Technology

Decode multiple streams simultaneously:
Up to three 4096x2160p at 30 fps
Six 1920x1080p at 60 fps / 12 at 30 fps
50+D1 resolution streams @ 30fps
Maximum will depend on H.264 profiles and levels of incoming media

Professional AV solutions require video to be recieved from a great many different sources and locations. The ability to recieve and display video directly from online resources such as CCTV networks and remote desktop applications and combining them with local inputs has become an everyday part of fully functional video wall display. EMS’s XtremeDV-SQX PCIe plug in card is a powerful addition to systems that require a scalable hardware based decoding solution.

The XtremeDV-SQX includes a dedicated processor capable of decoding several IP streams simultaneously via the on-board ethernet ports. Fully PCIe compatible, multiple XtremeDV-SQX cards can be used in a single system to provide project scalability giving users more processing and more simultaneous decodes.