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Functions of Mini Repeater HDMI 4K


The Mini Repeater HDMI 4K (“repeater”) is a tool developed by Magewell. It is mainly used to solve two kinds of problem as below:

    • The available cable is not long enough.

The repeater can be placed between two short cables to extend the total length.

    • When the video source is connected to a monitor, the image can be displayed correctly. However, when the source is connected to a capture device, problems like image flashing, color distortion and error message of “Unsupported signal” arise.

This is usually caused by the poor quality of HDMI cable, loose connection, or nonstandard or unstable signal. In this case, the repeater can help perform a better video capture by equalizing the signal and sending it to the capture device.

Max transfer length

When JCE HDMI cables are used to transfer 2K signal, the longest cable length that the repeater can support is 10 m; for 4K signal, the maximum transfer length is 10 m. Please note that high-quality HDMI cables are necessary for the maximum transfer length and best capture experience.

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