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Short FAQs about Pro Capture

  1. Can I use PCIe capture cards on a laptop?

    To use the capture card on a laptop, you need to check if your laptop has Thunderbolt and then prepare a Thunderbolt PCIe expansion box. The Thunderbolt expansion box is here used to convert PCIe interfaces to Thunderbolt interfaces. There are many Thunderbolt expansion box on the market to choose from, such as the xMac Mini Sever and Echo Express SE Ⅱ from Sonnet Technologies; the Node Pro from Akitio.

    You can also use a Magewell USB Capture (Plus) Family device with laptop, which can be readily connected to your laptop via a USB cable.

  2. Which product can capture 2560x1440p144 video?

    Pro Capture HDMI 4K Plus LT (part number: 11152) and Pro Capture HDMI Plus (part number: 11150) cards support this video format. For more details, see Use Pro Capture card to capture video at 2560x1440p144.

  3. Do Pro Capture cards support capturing 8-channel LPCM embedded audio?

    The Pro Capture Capture cards support capturing up to 8 channels of LPCM audio. However, in Windows system, if you do not use the Magewell’s SDK, you can only capture 2 channels of LPCM audio at most.

  4. When no CVBS video is input into Pro Capture Hexa CVBS, the input audio is shown to be available

    This is a normal phenomenon. Because of the physical nature of analog audio, the audio channel is always available.

  5. Can Pro Capture HDMI card only receive and capture audio?

    Yes. You need to specify Line In as the audio input source.

  6. Do Pro Capture SDI 4K Plus cards support 4Kp120 Dual-Link SDI video format?

    No. Pro Capture SDI 4K Plus cards support up to 4Kp60 video input.

  7. What kernel versions are supported by the Linux driver of Pro Capture cards?

    Kernel versions 2.6.35 and above are supported. The drivers are continually updated to support the latest Linux kernel.

  8. Do Pro Capture cards support Jetson TX2 platform?

    Yes. You can download the corresponding driver in the official website.

  9. When the computer connects with multi-channel Pro Capture cards, how are the channels sorted in the system?

    Capture channels are sorted by the time they are loaded by the system.

  10. Can PCIe x4 capture cards be used in the PCIe x2 slot?

    Yes, but this is not recommended. Because this will affect the capture bandwidth and decrease the capture ability.

  11. What is the latency of Pro Capture card?

    Users can open the low-latency mode of Magewell Pro Capture card, and developers can also open the low-latency mode through SDK to reduce the capture latency to 64 scan lines.

  12. Do Pro Capture SDI 4K Plus cards support single link 12G SDI signal input?

    Yes. It supports three connection modes: single-link 12G SDI, double-link 6G SDI and 4-link 3G SDI.

  13. What software does Magewell provide for Pro Capture cards?

    Capture Express, USB Capture Utility, Plugin for Premiere®, and Bridge for NDI®.

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